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"If you surround an individual who has his own information field (aura) with a coherent field that is more coherent than his own, he will drop distortions and his own energetic field gets progressively stronger and more coherent. The field effect initiates a reduction of stress-load distortions and an individual progressively remembers who he is. All beings in an unstressed state have an innate self-healing ability that is virtually limitless."

                                                                                                    -Lightfield Founder, Marc Newkirk



Ready for a full body, mind, and spirit deep clean? A Quantum Flo Session is like a major spring cleaning for your body, mind, and spirit.  Great for kids, teens, and adults alike! Immerse yourself in a completely coherent (gentle and harmonious) field surrounded by frequencies of music (432hz and 528hz), aspect of light, and nested sacred geometries. Using Information Field Technology the Quantum Flo unit assists in raising consciousness and helping jettison emotional and/or physical baggage form your energy field. Quantum Flo is currently available for in-person or remote sessions. Sessions vary in length between 30 and 40 minutes.


$50-70 / Session



Is your body trying to tell you something? Old energy can get stuck in lots of places deep within our bodies. Now is the time to let it go! The Cohere Meditation Mat assist the body in releasing old energy wherever it may be hiding. This mat is more than a meditation tool. Cohere assists in elevating the body's physical frequency to more closely match one's own unique energetic blueprint of the ideal self. This frequency elevation prompts the release of stress and emotional blockages which in turn leads to a greater sense of peace and renewal. Sessions vary in length up to 50 minutes. The Cohere Meditation Mat is available for local weekly rentals as well as for purchase.


$50-70/ Session


Learn to meditate for the first time, or enhance your current meditative practices by sitting with the Core Harmonizer. This technology creates a gentle coherent field using 432hz and 528hz music and beautiful sacred geometries to assist in learning and maintain a peaceful and meditative state. Sessions can vary in length up to 50 minutes here at the center. Session can be individual or as a group. Would you like to process your life in real time? Would you like to create a more peaceful space in your home? Would you like to sleep better? Do you have anxious pets or kids or family members? The Core Harmonizer is for you! At just over thirty pounds, this portable piece of technology can be rented by the week. The Core Harmonizer is also available for purchase.






Do you have unanswered questions about your life and what you are doing and where you are going? Often times hidden programs and past experiences shape our experiences today and we keep wondering why things don't change. Spend some time with Heather Newkirk exploring patterns in your life and learn how you can let them go. Using her physic abilities including clairaudience, clairvoyance, & telepathy, Heather will spend time  with you either as its own session or before a Quantum Flo or Cohere Meditation Mat session to help you gain perspective and a clearer sense of direction in your life. She can also do cord cutting ceremonies with you to release generations of tethers/cords that keep you from moving forward in greater resonance with yourself.




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Ed Cardinal is a skilled Integrative Thai Bodyworker (ITB). ITB is performed on a floor mat in a safe, relaxing environment designed to create the sacred space necessary for the recipient to experience the internal and external changes that unfold through ITB. Ed uses his palms, forearms, elbows, knees, and feet in a fusion of techniques, such as reflexology, joint mobilization, assisted yoga stretches, unhurried twists, and pressing movement that is rhythmical, flowing, and smooth. ITB is designed to relieve muscular tension, improve circulation, boost the immune system, increase flexibility, enhance athletic performance, balance the body’s energy system, and integrate mind, body, and spirit for an overall feeling of well-being. Session includes use of the Core Harmonizer.


Prices Vary

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Dr. Jesse Steinberg is an Intuitive Bodyworker who draws inspiration from many disciplines. He has extensive training in Chiropractic (he is a DC and trained in Network and BioGeometric Integration). He is also a Reiki Master and an Advanced Buteyko Breathing Practitioner. Previously, he was an organic farmer.

Jesse cares for people of all ages in all life stages, from newborn to elders. Clients are always amazed at how Jesse can hold the space for energy to untangle and move right through. Clients are left feeling renewed and refreshed and ready to do anything with ease! Session includes use of Core Harmonizer.


Prices Vary



Ed Cardinal is now offering

Integrative Wellness Coaching at Awaken! Ed will design a personalized plan based on your goals to help you achieve and maintain optimal health.

  • Weight Loss

  • Nutritional Consultation

  • Food Recommendations

  • Herbal Nutrition Guidance

  • Exercise Program Design

  • Runners Specialty

  • Yoga / Meditation

  • Stress Reduction

  • Self Development

  • Men's Health

  • Skin Care


Prices Vary

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At our center we offer a nice selection of products made by Conscious Technologies LLC

  • EMF Protection for people

  • EMF Protection for phones

  • EMF Protection for laptops

  • EMF Protection for pets

  • EMF Protection for your house

We use information field technology with built in geometries coupled with the specific materials that make up the composite material to change the spin field / information field of the man-made EMF to one that is harmonious. It is important to note that our technology is not designed to block the signal but rather transform it.


Prices Vary

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Our crystals are cut by a highly skilled craftsman that uses the correct angles, orientation, material and intent needed to create a fine tuned Vogel cut crystal. There are very few crystal cutters in the world that can cut a true Vogel crystal and know how to achieve the correct characteristics.


These crystals are made from Himalayan Quartz that is nearly entirely clear with very few visible natural inclusions. This in itself makes them quite rare. Vogel crystals are used by vibrational healers, Reiki practitioners and other energy workers as the crystal can amplify energy work.


Prices Vary



We also sell a select number of products from Sunrider at our center. Our local expert for Sunrider products is Ed Cardinal. He and his wife Jude Montesserato have used a variety of Sunrider products for over 13 years. They are more than happy to share their experiences with you regarding Sunrider products and to help direct your search in finding the perfect products for you and your family. For more products to choose from or to place an order click here:

To talk to Ed Cardinal call: 401-585-5779.


Prices Vary

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Need a unique gift for a special occasion or holiday? We offer online gift cards that can be purchased and printed out in a matter of minutes! Click below and scroll to the bottom of the "Book Here" section for more details. If you would like a formal gift card made from cardstock, please call: 401-259-2129 for more information.



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Ready to immerse yourself in our technology? Try the "Trifecta Full Immersion" Session either by yourself or with two of your friends and/or family members. Come for three hours and do three back-to-back sessions with the Quantum Flo unit, Cohere Meditation Mat, and Core Harmonizer unit. What better way to "Clean House" energetically than with three varying sessions of coherence that will allow for an intense amount of personal releasing and processing to help you clear out to make room for new connections and higher awareness.

Clients may experience an intense amount of personal processing and should plan accordingly to spend time in nature or quietly at home after the completion of this appointment. 



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“You see the deadening down of humanity is what this device assists in relieving. As one progresses more and more through the unit, this shift will stabilize and allow the being to be open to new doorways of possibility long closed and locked." 

Freedom - Connecticut



“Oh my goodness. I just want to hug this thing and not let go." 

Ingrid - Massachusetts

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“In my experience, it's rare to find a healer so extraordinarily talented in their craft, and simultaneously, so exquisitely tuned to their patient's individual needs as you will find in Dr. Jesse. his exceptional, multidimensional gifts are matched only by the beauty of this spirit and his gentle humility. He is without a doubt a true Master Healer. My life has been forever enriched by our work together... I KNOW yours will be too!" 

Dr. Lumenaria Goyer, Ph.D., co-founder Awaken Unity

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"I felt so refreshed coming out of my Cohere session. I could feel my energy renewing and my cells shimmying with excitement over the connection in this  delightful field that Cohere creates."

C.N. - Rhode Island

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“Heather's ability to connect with Source energy and bring through valuable and personal messages is both a gift and blessing. She has helped me uncover and make sense of things in my life where I felt stuck. I am so grateful for her abilities and highly recommend her." 

R.N. - Rhode Island