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Center Pictures

Pictures of our new location for our center!

We feel so Blessed and Grateful to have Found a Place!


SUPER Exciting Expansion in the Works!


STAY TUNED for More Details to Come!


Well Worth the Wait - Our Goal is to Open in the Spring!

Screen Shot 2023-03-20 at

Nestled on just over 3 acres in the heart of South County in the town of Richmond, the NEW LOCATION for the Awaken Wholeness Center will house ample space for all our current offerings and practitioners and include many new offerings.

Screen Shot 2023-03-20 at

We will be turning the two car garage into a brick and mortar store where you can shop for all of our products, technologies and more!

The door on the right will be the entrance to Awaken, followed by a generous hallway with reception area, a glass doorway into our multipurpose "Great" room - future location for group meditations, classes, lectures, yoga, and more, and nestled in-between is one of two staircases that leads to practitioners and technologies upstairs.

The current living room will be transformed into the waiting room where you can enjoy a quiet space before or after your session. It houses the other staircase to the second floor.

Several of the larger bedrooms upstairs will be divided to make room for all our practitioners. Many windows throughout the space allow for ample light and vista views!

Other rooms upstairs will be divided and transformed into a new home for the Quantum Flo, Cohere Meditation Mat, and Core Harmonizer

As we embark on the renovation process, our practitioner and technology rooms will receive a complete make-over including new ECO's paint, soundproofing, new lighting, and new fixtures, all to create an oasis of peace and comfort and a feeling of "home" throughout the entire building.


Stay tuned for more details as we begin our journey of

"E X P A N D I N G" our center so we can GROW in our offerings to

Expand Consciousness! HERE WE GO!

Pictures of our center in its former location

Screen Shot 2024-04-03 at 9.52.54 PM.png

It is now early April and we are now 80% done with the renovations and rounding the corner to the finish line! In order to open within the next 2-3 months we just launched a "Give Send Go" campaign to help us finish. If you would like to donate and help us please click the link to go to our campaign.  Thank you for your support!

About Us


Heather Newkirk



Ross Newkirk

Vice President

Husband and wife team Ross and Heather Newkirk bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and information when it comes to holistic health. In their own personal experiences as well as their experiences together they each have the walk to back up their talk with integrity and joy! Helping people has always been a natural way of life for them both. They are committed and dedicated to the work they do, are motivated by the changes they have seen in their own life, and are passionate about sharing their results with others. Read more about their backgrounds below.

Once we attract the funding, Ross and Heather would love to open a new large holistic center here in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. Check out the "Future" tab on our website  which includes a video to learn more about the detailed vision. 

Our Team


Heather Newkirk - President & Quantum Flo Operator

  • Former Personal Assistant to Dr. Spencer Johnson author of Who Moved My Cheese, The One Minute Manager, and Out of the Maze

  • Instrumental role in the development of the Lightfield, Grace, and Quantum Flo consciousness-raising technology

  • National Board Certification for Teachers

  • Masters Degree in Supervision and Administration

  • Private school - Science Teacher

  • Public school - Multiple Subject Elementary Teacher

  • Curriculum development and staff training (for school district as well as for Lightfield Foundation)

  • Certified Reiki Practitioner

  • Over the last several years Heather’s primary focus has been raising their son as a stay-at-home mom. Now that he is attending school full time, her focus is completely on the continuing creation and establishment of the Awaken Wholeness Center as well as assisting with the purpose and mission of Conscious Technologies LLC with Ross. She has always been on a path focused on energy-based healing methods and is continuing her own spiritual development through the study and practice of many of the modalities that will be offered at the future vision of Awaken Wholeness Center.


Ross Newkirk - Vice President & Quantum Flo Operator

  • Author of:  Unsubscribe (A Story About One Man's Profound Discovery)

  • Former Personal Assistant to Dr. Spencer Johnson author of Who Moved My Cheese, The One Minute Manager, and Out of the Maze

  • Property Maintenance Business for multi-million dollar lake-side homes

  • Board Member of The Lightfield Foundation

  • Founder and creator of the Lightfield technologies (Lightfield Unit and Grace Unit) including Quantum Flo - unique consciousness-raising technologies based on newly discovered information field theory and human consciousness model

  • Created and implemented Operator Training program for The Lightfield Foundation

  • Director of Manufacturing for Mobius Sciences - helped design and create Flo Technology - based on recent discoveries in physics and breakthrough Russian technologies

  • Founded RNventions - an off-road and Jeep accessorizing company

  • Certified Reiki Practitioner

  • President of Conscious Technologies LLC

  • Founder and creator of the Core Harmonizer technology and EMF protection technologies

  • Ross’ own spiritual journey has been filled with countless examples of how the body can heal itself. He devotes much of his free time studying and practicing various modalities many of which will be offered at the future Awaken Wholeness Center.


   Jesse Steinberg D.C.

     Jesse is a formerly licensed Chiropractor and graduate of Life Chiropractic College West in              Hayward, CA with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. He lives with his incredible wife and amazing      daughter in Wakefield, RI. His hobbies include organic gardening, studying quantum biology,          and optimizing his human potential through breath work, meditation, cold thermogenesis,              natural movement, bare footing and Sun gazing.

sheribio (1).jpeg

Sheri Silva

  Sheri Silva has been immersed in Eastern healing modalities for over 20+ years which is         

  comprised of Yoga ,Thai Bodywork, Reiki and Feng Shui. She enjoys both teaching and one on

  one healing sessions. Prior to her personal revelation of mind body healing, Sheri worked in both

  fashion and interior design in NYC. She now lives in RI where she raised her 3 children, and finds

  her work deepening towards a greater understanding and expression of the Sacred Feminine.


ingrid nevar

Bio: ingrid: nevar© , multidimensional living woman/Being on land and soil; Lightfield Foundation Volunteer Operator/Meditation Guide/Individual and Group Facilitator, leading discussions of Marc Newkirk’s work and recorded lectures bridging Science and Spirit, and now Awaken Wholeness Center Healing Facilitator. I’ve worked as an LMT for 6 years, RMT( Usui and Fire Reiki lineage, practitioner since 2004, master teacher since 2017), Certified Biofield Tuner and Researcher, Certified American Sign Language Interpreter ( RID ), an independent contractor. 

I have worked with Spirit for most of my life. I am here to help you remember your Divine and powerful Self and realize the amazing possibilities that exist in the present moment; let’s transmute stress into peace, move from surviving and into thriving. Let’s transform the world! My services can be rendered directly; I work remotely and in person. 508-897-9119


Corey Newkirk

  Corey Newkirk is a Reiki Master and intuitive healer who has been conversing with Spirit through angel messages and typed transmissions for over a decade. Corey also incorporates the Emotion Code system into her reiki sessions to facilitate the clearing of energetic blockages. Corey was formerly president of Lightfield Foundation and currently serves on the board of directors for both Lightfield Foundation and Conscious Expressions. Corey was fortunate to have a front-row seat in witnessing the creation of several cutting-edge technologies developed by her father, Marc Newkirk, and her brother, Ross Newkirk, some of which are here at the Awaken Wholeness Center. Corey is also a potter, gardener, wife, and mother of two.


Marika Ray

Marika Ray, has a bachelor’s degree in both Communications and English. She has an extensive background in and has worked in advertising agencies and marketing departments for a major magazine and a major newspaper in West Coast markets. She specialized in copy-writing, marketing and promotion as well as event coordinating. During that time she worked on major events that took massive amounts of coordinating. The largest event she coordinated was a 12k race, which at the time was the second largest 12k race in US and had over 12,000 participants and 400 volunteers. She was responsible for a major part of the planning and overseeing all the details. Also during her career she has worked in and around hundreds of non-profit foundations, who were all doing work to improve their local communities. As a result she has a keen sense of community building and a rare ability to put most people at ease to ensure that projects and events flow smoothly and successfully.


Later in her career she learned how to build websites for holistic health practitioners which was more in alignment with her real love and passion for alternative health and wellness. Subsequently, she became involved with a non-profit foundation on the East Coast where she worked for six years as a project coordinator, a volunteer, and a community builder by creating events to help clients connect through their similar interests, their common values and their love of connecting to like-minded people. Today she has her own business and is a spiritual life coach helping individuals sort through and resolve personal issues in their lives. 

Our Mission

We are dedicated to the Awakening and Enlightenment of the Mind, Body, and Spirit through the use of holistic practices, educational experiences, and consciousness-raising technologies for the purpose of empowering humanity to greater health, awareness, and oneness.

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