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Please note that we will be providing every client with clean sheets for every session in the Quantum Flo unit.

The new foot mat will be disinfected after each use.  

 Parking:  When you arrive at 66 Main Street, turn on to Chappell Street first and then turn into either the front parking lot or the back parking lot. You can also park any where in designated spots on the street. (Please do not park in the parking lot of neighboring buildings.)

Access: When facing the front of 66 Main Street, the entrance to Awaken is on the right side of the building through a bright blue side door. From the back of the building the side entrance is on the left side of the building. Follow the signs for Awaken Wholeness Center. Once you enter the building, go straight up the stairs in front of you. We are on the second floor at the top of the stairs. There is not an elevator in the building, so clients need to climb one flight of stairs to reach our center. Just follow our signs!

Sessions: Please arrive on time. Be sure to arrive early enough to find parking, enter the building, and use the facilities before starting your session. There is a shared bathroom located at the end of the hallway on the second floor.

Hydration: We encourage all clients who have experienced the Quantum Flo unit or Cohere Meditation Mat or Core Harmonizer to drink plenty of water for as long as 4 days after their session, as staying hydrated with water will allow the body to detox in a proper manner. We also sell Sunrider products that assist with hydration. Just ask us about it!

Children: Children are welcome to go through the Quantum Flo, experience the Cohere Meditation Mat, or Core Harmonizer. If the child is too young to have a session by themselves, they are welcome to have a parent sit with them during their session, or if very young have their parent with them when in the Quantum Flo unit as long as they are capable of laying fairly still. Any child who is old enough for their own session and/or capable of laying still by themselves should have their own Quantum Flo session. 

Waiting Room: If you are waiting for a friend, family member, or spouse, there is a common waiting room just outside the Quantum Flo unit room. Children may wait in the waiting room as long as they are accompanied by an adult. While in the building please keep conversations quiet and be respectful of others in the building. 

Cancellations: Life happens! We understand there may come a time when you cannot attend your appointment. We require a minimum of 24 hours advanced notice for a cancellation. Please use the online appointment scheduler to cancel or re-schedule your appointment. (Please note you may be asked to pay for your session when canceled last minute.) If you need assistance, please contact our office at 401-259-2129. (Please note, our phone ringer is turned off during client sessions. Our staff checks the office phone messages regularly.) 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is a Quantum Flo Session? Sessions are scheduled at the rate of one per hour. This time allotment allows for arrival, preparations for getting into the unit, your session, getting out of the unit, conversing about your session or any questions you may have before or after your session. Actual time in the unit is between 30 and 40 minutes. 

What is a Quantum Flo Session Like? Experiences vary and are as unique as you are! You can be awake or asleep and the de-stressing phenomenon occurs regardless. Some people feel energy moving in their body, tingling sensations, or see images or colors. Some people don't feel or see anything. The amazing thing is that each person is making a connection with their highest self and the perfect blue-print of who they are. Anything that isn't this perfect image starts to jettison out of their energy field issue by issue either during or even after their session. 

How Often Should I Come For a Session? From experience we have found that the more sessions you have, the more you let go of. People who have serious life trauma or baggage that are eager to jettison their junk come more frequently. To see tangible results our experience has shown that making an appointment once a week or every other week has lasting results and makes a larger impact on ones well-being. At the very least a session once a month will help you to maintain and continue the benefits from previous sessions.

What is a Remote Quantum Flo Session? A Remote Quantum Flo Session is a session that is done remotely and not in person.  Even though a person is not physically present within the Quantum Flo Unit the client can still experience powerful and restorative effects.  These benefits can be attributed to the fact that information fields have the property of non-locality. Although in-person sessions tend to be even more powerful, remote sessions allow for people all over the globe to be able to take part in what the Quantum Flo has to offer!  

What Happens Before, During, and After my Remote Session?   Once you book a remote session online using our online scheduling system, you will receive a confirmation email from us (within 24 hours) with more specific details about how to prepare for you remote session. Before your session:  We ask that you provide us with a picture of yourself as well as your signature and birthdate and we print them out to place in the Quantum Flo Unit during your selected appointment time. During your session: The operator on duty will run a normal Quantum Flo session with your picture, signature, and birthdate placed in the unit while you sit or lay down in the comfort of your own home. We also send you a link to the music we use for you to listen to from home (not required). When your session starts we will call you for a brief conversation to help you set an intention and learn more about what you are looking for from your session. After your session: Once the session is complete we will text you to let you know it is over. At that time you are welcome to call us back with any comments or inspirations you would like to share about your session. Or if you prefer, you can take time to process your session quietly by yourself.

What is a Cohere Meditation Mat Session Like?  Just like the Quantum Flo, experiences on the The Cohere™ Mat vary and are as unique as you are! 

It is important to understand the Cohere™ Meditation Mat before experiencing it, so please read this section.


There are a wide range of experiences that you may have on the Cohere™ Mat. The Cohere™ Mat was brought forth to create an environment that allows one the opportunity to release both physical and emotional baggage. 


It is quite common to experience tingling and flows of energy throughout the body. 


Some people experience involuntary shaking as tremors throughout the body as they release trapped emotions. This practice of release is often referred to as TRE (Tremor Release Exercise) and is even taught by various practitioners throughout the world. TRE is something that can be naturally turned on by the individual in this environment, leading to involuntary trembling muscle contractions. Although this can feel very unusual, it is a very powerful release mechanism that can occur within the individual as they begin to jettison deeply-trapped emotions, most often without having to re-experience the emotion itself.


Other people report experiencing discomfort in their bodies where they may have sustained past injuries or traumas. What is occurring in this scenario is that our higher selves (higher levels of awareness) are working to release the emotions that became trapped in our bodies or energy fields as a result of these past injuries. This is a powerful and important process. 


Within each one of us, we have innate self-healing capabilities, intuitive capabilities, and perceptive capabilities, which, in fact, we can turn on, reestablish, and exercise within ourselves.  These re-establishments are made when we immerse ourselves in a more coherent environment than our own human biofields. 


Another experience one might have is receiving visions or messages. Sometimes these messages can be quite profound and moving. 


Sometimes you may experience extreme emotions. You may get angry. This accumulated anger has bubbled up to the surface so that it can be experienced and released. Allow this process to happen. Be kind to yourself as this release occurs.


Others may experience sadness, sometimes to the extreme. Tears may flow from your eyes as this deep sadness is released. This can be such a freeing experience. Embrace it and allow it to happen.


Occasionally, people may feel extreme heat or extreme cold in their bodies. Heat is the body’s natural way of getting rid of what does not belong, while coldness generally indicates the release of deep sadness. These temperature variations experienced while on the mat are fairly common. 


There are times where you will be filled with a great sense of gratitude and joy while on the mat. You may be tingling with energy. Your body may even have goosebumps, or “truth bumps” as we like to call them. This is a wonderful and joyful state to be in - enjoy!


Whatever your experience is, embrace it, accept it, and be grateful for it! Release happens in so many different forms, all of them serving beneficial purposes. 


We have all spent a lot of time throughout our lives accumulating mental, physical and emotional baggage, and releasing it can be its own process. Enjoy your experience and never doubt your potential or your ability to transform your life in whatever way you are seeking!