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We are very excited to offer a cutting-edge technology called "Quantum Flo." This state-of-the-art unit incorporates advanced elements of light, sound and geometry plus enhanced music incorporating 432hz and 528hz frequency creating an expanded experience of coherency.

This new technology has been thoroughly vetted, and we are so excited that we are now able to make it available to you, our treasured clients! The initial feedback for Quantum Flo has been astounding and sessions are open to everyone.

Quantum Flo allow clients the opportunity to more readily connect with their own higher levels of consciousness and facilitate greater connection to Source energy. 


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What is the Core Harmonizer?

This portable technology creates a harmonious space using nested geometries, specific materials, and frequencies of music and light. 


What Does it Do?

This cutting-edge technology grounds, calms and helps create a harmonious environment, which in turn facilitates an enhanced meditative state. 


Who is it For?

Not only is the Core Harmonizer ideal for harmonizing a space it also allows for one to more easily and quickly achieve a meditative state. Even people who have in the past have had little to no success at meditating report that they are for the first time able to achieve a meditative state. The Core Harmonizer is for anyone and everyone including children and pets. 

What is the Difference between the Core Harmonizer and the Quantum Flo?

The Quantum Flo is different than the Core Harmonizer in that the Quantum Flo helps one more readily access higher levels of consciousness, and works with an individual in a way that facilitates a reconnection to their higher self. This connection or re-connection can be quite profound. The Core Harmonizer is all about creating a level of subtle yet profound coherence in one's space or environment and helps create a new and higher normal. It can and often does shift people out of their old stuck and often unproductive routines. It brings a level of inspiration and coherence that is palpable. If one has the opportunity to experience a Quantum Flo session and then go home to a Core Harmonizer in their space, the continued presence of a coherent field in one's home or work space helps facilitate further processing and support to an individual. The Quantum Flo has a symbiotic relationship with the Core Harmonizer as the Core Harmonizer assists the individual in maintaining that connection and helps reduce tendency to drift back into old ways of thinking. Another difference is that the Core Harmonizer can be used individually or by an entire group such as a meditation circle or in a yoga studio.

About Ross Newkirk:

The Core Harmonizer and the Cohere Meditation Mat (described below) were developed by Ross Newkirk. Ross has spent the last 14 years involved in various cutting-edge technologies involving information fields. He has worked alongside his father Marc Newkirk and other scientists designing and creating technologies designed to re-empower mankind. Several of these technologies include the Lightfield Unit, Grace Unit, FLO De-Stressing Unit, and Quantum Flo, all of which create a harmonious environment through the use of information fields comprised of specific frequencies of light, music, and geometries.

cohere meditation mat.webp

The Cohere™ Meditation Mat is more than a meditation tool. Cohere™ assists in elevating the body's physical frequency to more closely match one's own unique energetic blueprint of the ideal self. This frequency elevation prompts the release of stress and emotional blockages, which in turn leads to a greater sense of peace and renewal.

Within the mat there are 96 hand-poured composite tiles.The tiles are comprised of specific materials and minerals that create a gentle but significant coherent field. Also within the mat are two small speakers that add specific sound frequencies. The individual places their hands on a conductive material on the mat that offers up Light frequencies that are generated within the console along with specific geometric inputs.  At the foot end of the mat is a conductive foot pad that connects the individual to earth ground using a grounded outlet or the optional included earthing stake. The Cohere mat is easy to use - flip one switch, recline and enjoy! 


Marc  Newkirk  has  spent five decades  at  the forefront of  scientific discovery and  technological  innovation. Educated  as a  materials  engineer at Brown University, he is a prolific inventor, named  on   more  than  a  hundred  U.S.  and  nine  hundred  foreign issued  patents. He has  founded  or  co-founded  half   a  dozen businesses  in  the  field of  advanced  materials  based  upon those innovations, and led the creation of unique technologies for destressing people and raising individual consciousness. The resulting endeavors have spanned wide technical disciplines, and included aerospace, defense, electronics, automotive, semiconductor manufacturing, and human re-empowerment enterprises. 


He has been a recipient of medals awarded by Brown University and The Franklin Institute, the Application to Practice Award of the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, and the Real Advances in Materials Award of the National Association for Science, Technology and Society. He was elected to the U.S. National Academy of Engineering in 1997. In 2009 he led the establishment of Lightfield Foundation, a human re-empowerment enterprise based upon cutting edge discoveries in hyperdimensional physics and fundamental causality.

Interested in hearing Marc speak? We have posted several of Marc's Lectures on our "Resources" Page as well as one video on Information Fields and a Radio Show below.

If you are interested in watching a detailed presentation that describes the background and science behind the FLO technology, enjoy this one hour lecture given by Marc Newkirk one of the initial founders and creators of the FLO De-Stressing and Lightfield Technology. The video provides a nice background on the technology and explains the mechanisms behind the harmonious information field that is created in the Quantum Flo environment. 

Check out this thirty minute radio show on Energy Stew with host Peter Roth,

where he interviews Marc Newkirk about the FLO De-Stressing Technology!

Radio Show Host Peter Roth interviews Marc Newkirk about FLO Technology -
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Scientific Background

In the mid-1980's - Russian scientists defined the existence and properties of an additional class of fields in physics beyond the gravitational, electric, magnetic, and strong and weak nuclear attraction fields historically recognized by science. The newly recognized field types have been variously referred to as "informational spin fields," "torsion fields," "spin fields" or simply "information fields." Such fields are, in essence, comprised purely of information.

The Russians recognized that the biofields which surround every life form are themselves purely information fields, generated and continuously modified by the consciousness of the individual. They developed technology known as GDV bioelectrography for imaging such biofields indirectly using a computerized variant of the phenomenon known as Kirlian photography (originally discovered by a Russian husband and wife scientific team for which it was named.)

A top-level physicist in Russia did some of the the seminal work understanding information fields and their character, developing a technology capable of stripping the information from an electromagnetic signal input and projecting a field comprised solely of the information extracted. This technology is utilized in the Quantum Flo unit, wherein information is stripped from pleasant commercial music and projected into Quantum Flo, creating a field of harmonious information within the Quantum Flo environment. As in the case with the human biofield, the Quantum Flo information field has a non-physical character, which is both inaudible and invisible to the human physical senses. When an individual is placed within this field they rapidly begin to de-stress.

De-Stressing and its Effects

According to the American Institute of Stress, 75-90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related problems. Just as the accumulation of stress appears to compromise an individual's innate self-healing capacities, de-stressing appears to restore them. De-stressing also tends to restore a sense of wellness, balance and motivation that pervades our activity. 

There are multiple levels of consciousness, or awareness, associated with a human being. The level of the subconscious is the level that creates the information field that surrounds a person. This field is the means by which we subconsciously direct the activity of every cell in our body to create our physical presence. 

When harmonious information is present in that field, the cells dutifully create a physical result that is harmonious. However, when disharmonious information is present in the field, the cells then construct a physical result that is in some degree disharmonious. Essentially any negative experience of an individual that they fail to resolve and discharge successfully, or negative ideas and limitations that they adopt about themselves, constitute forms of stress, and represent a corruption of their self-identity and are reflected as negative information in the field that they create surrounding their body.

The cells of the body then create a physical presence that matches that identity. The physical body may be viewed as the "report card" of what we have come to believe to be true about ourselves. Disease may be regarded as one level of consciousness (the subconscious) trying to get the attention of another level of consciousness (the waking, or rational, consciousness) in order to cause the individual to resolve the accumulated mental disharmony. 

When one enters the very powerful and harmonious information field existing within the FLO unit, the subconscious of the individual becomes instantly aware of that field, as well as its greater degree of harmony as compared with the field that the individual has himself or herself created. 

This awareness causes a response in the individual in which the level of the subconscious then connects with the level of their superconscious (the highest level of their awareness, which is omniscient), in order to try to understand what is occurring. During that connection, the subconscious becomes aware of the specific elements of disharmony that it has adopted into the field which it has created, and begins to eliminate those disharmonies issue by issue, resulting in the de-stressing of the individual. As stress disappears from the field of the individual over a series of Quantum Flo sessions, they naturally progressively resume a more harmonious physical and mental state, as their innate self-healing mechanisms operate no longer impeded by accumulated stress.

Detailed Description of Quantum Flo Phenomenon

(For those who would like to know more!)

Certain consciousness effects facilitated by the environment created within the Quantum Flo unit precipitate the de-stressing results experienced by individuals spending one or more sessions within it. The following is a more detailed explanation of how and why this occurs. 

The human biofield is an information field whose information content is comprised of ideas or thought forms derived from both the waking (or rational) and subconscious levels of consciousness or awareness. Information inputs to this field from the rational level occur continually as thought and emotion occurs within that level of consciousness, creating content that tends to be transient, except to the extent adopted by the subconscious as part of its evolving self-identity and belief systems.


Information inputs to the biofield from the subconscious level tend to be more long term in their tenure in the field, representing fundamental attitudes and convictions adopted by the subconscious concerning the individual's self-identity and worldview. Stress in an individual occurs as a result of: a)negative experiences which are not resolved and are adopted as part of an individual's self-identity as beliefs of having been somehow injured, and b) the exposure of an individual to fears and ideas of limitation about themselves which they do not reject but to which they have come to believe themselves to be subject, and accept as part of their self-identity. Such adopted negative aspects of identity (stress) are then reflected on an extended basis in the information field of the individual as disharmonious information content.

The individual's biofield is the medium by which the consciousness of an individual communicates with and directs the cellular and biophysical activity that creates and maintains the individual's physical presence. When disharmonious information content (stress) appears in the biofield on other than a transient basis, it becomes part of the instructions that direct the creation  and maintenance of the individual's physical body, and becomes manifested as physical disharmony in the form of disease and dysfunction. Disease and dysfunction can be seen, therefore, as the efforts of one level of consciousness (the subconscious) trying (by means of physically manifested disharmony) to get it to recognize and resolve (heal, or discharge) a corruption of the harmony of the individual's self-identity.

The phenomenon of aging is similarly a result of stress, representing a combination of the accumulation of unresolved emotional issues and negative experiences, together with the adoption of the prevailing worldview as to the inevitability of progressive physical degeneration (which is actuality is not fundamentally inevitable). Such limited ideas once adopted are reflected in the information content of the biofield, and are dutifully manifested physically by cellular activity as physical aging symptoms and degeneration. In short, the physical body may be viewed as the "report card" of what we have come to believe to be true about ourselves.

When one enters the very powerful and harmonious information field existing within the Quantum Flo environment, the subconscious of the individual becomes instantly aware of that field, as well as that field's greater degree of harmony as compared with the field that the individual has himself or herself created. This awareness causes a response in the individual in which the level of their subconscious then connects with the level of their superconscious (the highest level of their awareness, which is omniscient), in order to try to understand what is occurring. During that connection, the subconscious becomes aware of the specific elements of disharmony that it has adopted as part of its identity and projected into its biofield, and begins to eliminate those disharmonies issue by issue, resulting in the de-stressing of the individual. As stress disappears from the field of the individual over a series of destressing sessions, they naturally progressively resume a more harmonious physical and mental state, as their innate self-healing mechanisms operate unimpeded by accumulated stress. 

In the Quantum Flo unit, the music inputs utilized as the source of the information for the field generation constituting the Quantum Flo environment are universal. The informational changes necessary to de-stress the individual are coming directly from within themselves from their own highest level of consciousness, which is omniscient and therefore incapable of harming them by introducing inappropriate inputs. 

Essentially, the Quantum Flo unit creates a facilitating environment where the individual is starting to remember their perfect state devoid of the accumulation of disharmonious experiences and limitations, progressively jettisoning aspects of self-image that do not fit harmoniously. This is often one of the goals of meditators, namely to silence their lower levels of awareness and connect with their highest levels of awareness to become more aware of harmony. Indeed, it has been observed by individuals experienced in regular meditation that being in the Quatnum Flo environment is "like meditating with the static removed", and that following even a single session in the harmonious Quantum Flo environment that achieving meditative states thereafter seems easier than before.

An individual lies on the mattress within the Quantum Flo unit typically for a thirty to forty minute session, during which time dynamic information fields derived from a) a music CD with appropriately harmonious characteristics, and b) a statically-generated information field. 

Following the session, the client will often afterward report perceptions of tingling or other sensations in the body, and perhaps colors, visions, and other forms of information observed mentally. Upon emerging from the Quantum Flo unit, feelings of renewal and revitalization are commonly reported. Subsequent observations of later healings are often reported by clients as well, believed to be the result of innate self-healing abilities restored by virtue of de-stressing. Occasionally increased abilities are later reported by the client to be manifesting, such as the ability to perceive information fields, visually as colors, spontaneous receiving of correct but previously unknown information, premonitions, and increased awareness.

A characteristic of an individual's information field is that it has both right-handed and left-handed elements, and circulates within the surrounding and individual's physical body. Disharmonious information contained in this biofield manifests as blockages in the normal flow of the field. (The practice of acupuncture is directed at physical intervention at acupoints in an attempt to unblock such flow impedances.) The progressive abandonment of negative elements of self-identity by the individual's subconscious as a result of connecting with their superconscious in the Quantum Flo environment appears to inherently result in the removal of blockages to the flow of the individual's biofield. 

The information field within the Quantum Flo unit is itself observed (by those who can either feel it or perceive it visually) to circulate more or less along the longitudinal axis of the space within the Quantum Flo unit, proceeding radially out at the bulkhead at one end, and back along the copper tubes to the other bulkhead, then radially inward and then back through the middle of the space along the longitudinal axis. This circulation appears to occur despite no means being deliberately introduced to  cause it. This unit's information field flow has been observed to vary in direction (from head to feet of the client, or vice versa) with different individuals, as necessary at the time for the specific individual.

Quantum FloTM Technology

Core HarmonizerTM Technology

CohereTM Meditation Mat

Who is Marc Newkirk?

Scientific Background

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