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Remote Sessions

When you book a remote session you will have exclusive access to this page on our website. To access this page in the future, please go back to the original confirmation email sent to you after booking your session. Use the link provided to return to this page at any time.

Remote Quantum Flo Session Information
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When you book a Remote Quantum Flo Session, the operator will call you at your pre-selected appointment time. They will ask if you have any questions before your session begins. They will help you to clarify an "intention" for your session. Then they will hang up the phone and place your photo and the lower portion of the form below into the unit and start your remote session. As they start the session, they will text you to let you know your session has begun. 

At the end of your session, the operator will text you again to let you know your remote session is complete. At that time you are welcome to call them back with any sharing or comments about your session if you so choose. You will have a short time to converse until just before the hour time slot is complete. This will allow the operator to adjust the room for the next client.

Watch me to learn more!

Required for session!

Listen to me during your session!

Remote Intuitive Guidance Session Information

When you book a Remote Intuitive Guidance Session, Heather will call you at your pre-selected appointment time. She will ask you to share your entire list of questions or concerns at the beginning of your session. Many clients find it helpful to write down their questions before their session to optimize time spent sharing questions and receiving answers. From there, be ready to take notes regarding the information she receives.

The entire session is 45 minutes. Many clients find it useful to book a Quantum Flo session after an intuitive guidance session to help integrate their answers into their energy field and/or receive further inspiration and ideas.

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